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Saturday, May 07, 2005
Friday Mayhem
I tried to plan a boat trip 2 weeks ago to leave Kuwait yesterday (Friday 6th of May) to enjoy a full day under the sun! Apparently since I haven't been living in Kuwait for the last 8 years I did not know that this is the time when the weather gets all messed up! A group of us met at the Yacht Club and waited for the boat to arrive! Apparently we were having second thoughts since the weather looked bad! An hours and a half later we decided to forget the boat trip and go to the beach of a local 5-star resort/hotel. The group was supposed to have been made up of 7 people but only 4 of us decided to go to the resort and we met up with someone there! The weather at the resort was awesome. No dust, hot sun, and a cool breeze. Granted we could not swim in the sea, we still had the pool! This day will never be forgotten! I learned something about a friend "R" and my friends learned something about me!

While going to the pool I bumped into a highschool friend that I have not seen since the summer of 1996. I was standing and talking to my highschool friend whilst "R" was sitting on the edge of the pool! I figured that I should push my friend "R" into the pool, so I did! I kept talking to my highschool friend, then from the corner of my eye I could see "R" swimming in a strange way. I did not know that there was something wrong till he, "R," threw himself against the edge of the pool. That was when I went and helped him by holding him up above the water. That was the time I found out that "R" did not know how to swim! I'm soo sorry "R"!
What happened to "R" shocked my friends and I and we were worried but worry then turned into fun and jokes about the situation.

About an hour later a new friend "G", "R", and I decided to kick a soccer ball around. I dove for the ball a few times being a goalkeeper and all and ended up peeling my skin off my elbow and bleeding! I didn't care much and kept of playing. The ball was kicked quite a distance away from me (say about 100 meters) and I decided we needed more action. I began to sprint towards the ball. "G" was half way between the me and the ball and he was walking towards the ball. When I started sprinting "R"told "G" that I was coming so "G" decided to run for the ball! I get to the ball before "G" but couldn't keep possession of the ball so I just gave it to "G"! I walked behind "G" after I gave him the ball and while "G" was going towards "R" I collapsed due to an Asthma attack! "G" and "R" didn't realize what happened to me and they left me laying on the ground and walked away talking about "Eating Carbohydrates in the Morning!" A few minutes later I managed to get up and stumble all the way to where we had all our things. I literally threw myself on the beach bed and asked "D", another friend, for water. Apparently when "D" was helping out she noticed that my eyes were rolled up under my eyelids! I bet that was freaky! "D" helped me out and took good care of me by pouring freezing cold water on me and rubbing ice all over my face to cool me down! I became a little delutional and started saying random things and in the meantime "G" and "R" come walking and finally figured out that there was something wrong! They found out something about me that they didn't know!

All in all, the day turned out to be a blast even though the events that have occurred were freaky and scary! I would definitely do this again but I would try not to push anyone into a pool without finding out if he/she knows how to swim and I would not run soo hard without making sure I have my inhaler around!
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