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Saturday, August 13, 2005
Blog Issues
A few days ago I was talking to friends as well as reading a few messages from fellow bloggers about my blog. I've been told that my blog is messed up structurally in the sense that they cannot access the comment sections of my posts! I tried to fix that problem but I can't! For some reason I when I access my blog via firefox, whether from my computer or other people's computer, I can access anything on my blog but when using IE it seems to be faulty! I was wondering if people can help me out with this issue! Please leave me a comment telling me how this can be fixed!

In case you need the specific issue well you can see that my profile, links and comment sections after the blog posting prior to the "Suba7 Al-Salem Co-Op" post are missing or messed up! This problem only occur on IE!

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