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Saturday, April 08, 2006
Groove Mani Or Groove Crap!
Does anyone know about this silly firm here in Kuwait? I've heard it was set up by an Egyptian guy who works at Hard Rock and who used to work at Hang Out! The reason I ask is cause, some of you know that there was an huge even last Thursday that was a blast and to my surprise the guy was there! I talked to some people and it seemed like that guy was giving out business cards with "DINA" as the contact person! In actuality the guy was littering cause the cards were all over the place and even in the trash! Seems like he also needs to put "DINA" as the contact person in order to get clients! I can see it now, him taking credit for the last event! People taking credit for other people's events or them taking credit for a specific idea has happened and it pisses me off! So if anyone who was at the event please feel free to comment regarding this issue and if you heard anything and even if you did not go to the event but know more about Groove Whatever, I'd like to know some more!
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