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Sunday, May 21, 2006
When The People Spoke
Last night I met up with Nibaq and JC to see the screening of Amer Al-Zuhair AKA BuNaz's documentary titled, "When The People Spoke!" The video was very compelling and spoke the truth. I, for one, would like to see this video be sold in the Kuwaiti market but some of you might not know that this video was labeled as harmful to the community by the ministry and so it will not be sold!

The objective of these screenings is to get the people's point of view as well as to see if this video should be kept off the market or if it should be sold!

In my point of view, I think it should be sold in the Kuwaiti market! I'm tired of people living a lie! I don't like the fact that schools are not teaching actual history and that the history they are teaching is flawed and made up to look good! This video was raw, amazing, and truthful and I stand by it 110%.

Thank you Mr. Amer Al-Zuhair for all your hard work and dedication! I, a Kuwaiti citizen, salute you! We need more people like you in our community!

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