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Sunday, March 19, 2006
To cast your votes, simply choose the ones you believe deserve it and forward an email with the heading "Annual Kuwait Academy Blogger Awards" with your nominations for each category to:

The Stallion :

Deadline to cast your vote is March 24th. The results will be announced on April 1st.

So what are you waiting for? Vote for all those who've made you laugh, made you cry, made you dream of a better tomorrow but most importantly made you share their lives with you.

Winners will have the pleasure to know that their bloggers have not gone unnoticed and that's a gift in and of itself!

For those bloggers who's names are not listed, please note that this was purposely made on a smaller scale as a trial for a bigger Academy Award event so don't dismay, you may end up in the next one!

Good Luck to all the nominees and may the best bloggers win!

A. Funniest Blog:

1. Bo_Ghazi
2. Bo Maryoom.
3. 7tenths.
4. Jan6a.
5. Grandma Funk
6. McArabian.
7. Doggizzle.
8. Jazz Central
9. Your choice

B. Queen of the Blogosphere:

1. Shurooq
2. Sheba.
3. Papillona.
4. Samboose.
5. Flamingoliya.
6. Delicately Realistic.
7. NuNu.
8. Your choice

C. King of the Blogosphere:

1. Zaydoun.
2. Nibaq.
3. Q.
4. The Don.
5. Jazz Central.
6. Dr. Lost.
7. Lil Alien.
8. Bo Maryoom
9. Your choice

D. Most Bizzare Blog:

1. Purgatory.
2. Grandma Funk.
3. Vintage.
4. Sponty
5. Temetwir.
6. NuNu.
7. McArabian.
8. Doggizzle.
9. Your choice

E. Most Romantic Blog:

1. The Don.
2. Jewaira.
3. Charisma.
4. Flamingoliya.
5. Misscosmo.
6. Stallion.
7. Ayya.
8. Delicately Realistic.
9. Your choice

F. Sexy Female Blogger:

1. Jelly Belly.
2. Papillona.
3. Jewaira.
4. Closet Diva.
5. Misscosmo.
6. True Faith.
7. Georythm.
8. Samboose.
9. Your choice

G. Sexy Male Blogger:

1. The Don.
2. Bo Ghazi.
3. Jazz Central.
4. Stallion.
5. Dr. Lost
6. iDip.
7. Zaydoun.
8. K The Kuwaiti.
9. Your choice

H. Joint Blogs:

1. Purgatory & Shosho.
2. Misguided & Ms. Baker.
3. Kuwait cosmo.
4. Kila Ma6goog & Al aQra3.
5. Mark & NAT.
6. Your choice
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