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Friday, May 13, 2005
Friday Time Out

The last day of the weekend before the start of a new work week! As usual Friday is the Family QT day, and today I didn't make an excuse not to go out! I actually went out to lunch with the Family and had fun!

Most people who know me know that I HATE movie theaters in Kuwait because they censor even the smallest peck on the cheek! Believe me it sucks! Titanic went from being 3 hours to an hour an a half! Anyways... my parents wanted to go to a movie but we couldn't find any seats for them! Even though all the theaters play the exact same movies they all end up getting sold out way before the actual showing! Blows me away how people would pay to go see censored stuff! I pay half the price and actually get to own the movie in it's full, uncut and original state!

After the Family QT, 2 friends and I went out for dessert and drinks and we had a blast sharing past experiences, memories and I shared pictures that were on my laptop with them! The 3 of us always have fun when we are together! Feels like we have known one another since we were children, or better yet we feel like we're family! I love you guys and you know who you are! ;)

Time for me to hit the sack especially cause I have an early day that's going to surely be a long day as well! Read about it tomorrow! :)

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