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Wednesday, May 11, 2005
Language Differences and a Funny Situation
Each country has it's own language and if the country happens to have a language named in the same way as another country's then each country has it's on dialect. Take for example Kuwaiti Arabic and Egyptian Arabic, Makwa means Iron in Egyptian but in Kuwaiti it stands for Back Side! Funny huh! My main point though for this blog is how an innocent idea can turn out to be something that might be taken the wrong way.
I know someone who had "A Deux" as a Messenger Quote, but that person didn't know what that phrase meant! According to A Deux means, "Of or involving two individuals, especially when of a private or intimate nature," or "Privately with only two individuals involved." I pointed that out to the person and he/she told me the story behind how the quote ended up on the Messenger! Being the helpful person I am I was just looking out for that person's well-being and reputation!
Ana Ma artha! :-P
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