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Wednesday, May 18, 2005
Work Issues!
I just wanted to vent on some issues I have at work! The issues are as follows:
1) Improper attire
2) Work and Time Neglect
3) Co-worker Issues
Issue 1: Improper Attire
The attire here bothers me cause some people see it as being ok to be dressed down in jeans and a blouse/shirt/t-shirt or when an employee wears something unprofessional in general! The working environment here is extremely professional but on some people that professionalism doesn't show! OK, their attire might be trendy or cute for a night out but it's not to be worn at work!
Issue 2: Work and Time Neglect
I have noticed that when you send something to get copied, typed, or bound; that the people in charge take their sweet time not caring for deadlines and the people they are helping. Every time I have something that needs to be typed in Arabic I have to send it to the word processing department but it takes them forever to do anything even though they split the work up! I gave them an 18 page document that consisted of a table on each page with figures. I got the 18 pages back 3 days later! When I asked for the same documents on a CD, they gave it to me on a floppy disk and I was thinking that because the document that I gave them consisted of tables then the file would be in Excel format but to my surprise the file was in Word format! Come on people! Oh and yesterday morning I sent somethings to get photocopied and until now I haven't gotten anything!
When I first started working here I put in a request for a computer and printer and they told me I have to wait because they are ordering new equipment! I was happy that I was gonna get new stuff. To my dismay I received my computer yesterday, 3 months after starting work, and it was used. The only new part of the computer is the monitor, and I have yet to receive my printer! Kinda ticked me off to know that the new computer was given to someone else and I was given that person's old computer! I had to wait 3 months to get the person's computer while that person gets to use it until a new one arrives!
Issue 3: Co-worker Issues
I was doing well being alone in my section at work but I was glad to see someone being positioned close by! This gave me someone to talk to, but now I'm having second thoughts! Every time that co-worker comes to work I hear, "It's freezing!" or "It's soo hot!" The thing is that the people down in the control room who manage the AC get calls from the co-worker, sometimes in the same day, and that co-worker tells them to change the temperature of the thermostat! One day I left work sweating and so when I saw the co-worker online and I was home I told that worker that when I get to work the next day that I am going to tell the control room to turn down the temperature so I can get some cold air. The co-worker said ok! When I came to work I found out that the AC was turned off in our section based upon the request of the co-worker! We had a great day yesterday but then the worker comes to work today and complains that "It's freezing!" and then calls the control room and tells them to raise the temperature! Now I'm beginning to sweat! Another thing about that co-worker is that when that person is on the phone that person is extremely loud and disruptive. Also, when the worker's cell phone rings it's loud and obnoxious. For once I just wished that the worker would be considerate to those in the same working area!
This seems like the end of the work week confession period I guess!
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