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Thursday, June 23, 2005
Palms Party Sucked
Last night I was in need to go out and enjoy a night out with my friends! When I got there it was already about and hour and a half into the event! The resident DJs of Buddha Bar Paris and Lebanon were supposed to be spinning at the event! The whole night it felt weird! The first hour I was there had and Indian (Desi) like feel to it, typical of Buddha Bar but then it just went downhill from there! I think Buddha Bar Paris went on first and Buddha Bar Lebanon ended the night!

The music was horrible! I came to listen to dance music that isn't played in Kuwait! The majority of the time it was Arabic songs that I heard before on the Arabic stations here in Kuwait! I have to admit that there were tiny parts between the songs that made me wanna get up and dance but as soon as I got up to dance the music began to suck again! I wasted KD30 for no reason! I was told there was a gift bag that included a Wataniya line, gift voucher at the spa, and "other goodies" but all I got was a lousy 15% off at the spa!

I saw parents and their kids for God's sake! Oh and not to mention I was looking forward to catered food but it was terrible! (Asta`3fir Allah) The only part of the whole buffet that I enjoyed was the bread! The humus was bad, mashwiyat even worse, and no need to go on cause I'm losing my appetite as I type!

Well time for me to stop since I'm getting frustrated at something soo petty and that's already historic so I think I'm gona hop into the pool!
Posted by The Stallion @ 1:09 PM  
  • At June 23, 2005 7:41 PM, Blogger Tooomz said…

    Company was great though :P

  • At June 25, 2005 9:35 AM, Blogger tequila69 said…

    That bad ha? Why would anyone want to party in Q8 is beyond me!

  • At June 25, 2005 9:41 AM, Blogger The Stallion said…

    Toomi: The company sure was great especially yesterday! ;P

    Tequila69: It sure was BAD! As for your statement, "Why would anyone want to party in Q8 is beyound me!" well my response to that would be, people would enjoy to party anywhere just to have a moment to forget the issues such as work and school and enjoy a moment with friends in a good atmosphere! Having a party would be fun just to put a break into the routine! ;)

  • At June 25, 2005 9:57 AM, Blogger Jazz Central said…

    I second that!! The Palms Party Sucked!!! I did enjoy the company. I laughed so much. Food was bad and music was bad. I guess when the Bhudda Bar DJ plays arabic music in Paris, its exotic...but when he plays it in an Arab country...its old news and cheezy. Its always good to party once in a while. It sure beats staying at home, or just go out and do routine stuff.

  • At June 25, 2005 1:46 PM, Blogger tequila69 said…

    the stallion i prefer gatherings

  • At June 25, 2005 1:49 PM, Blogger The Stallion said…

    Tequila69: That's kewl and I must say that gatherings can sometimes be better than a party because they are more intimate!

  • At June 26, 2005 9:29 PM, Blogger Rampurple said…

    ur right ... the party sucked but the company was gr8

    BUT i have to butt in and fix ur info

    first... there was no beirut buddha bar dj... they lied about that too


    second... buddha bar never plays dance music

  • At June 27, 2005 12:03 AM, Blogger The Stallion said…

    Rampurple: Thanks for the correction on the info! I met up with "3aw 3aw" today and he told me that the Bhudda Bar DJ from Beirut pulled a "no show"! As for the genre of the music they usually play chillout stuff but when I talked to the guy who's number you called he said that dance music will be playing!

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