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Sunday, May 22, 2005
Yes.... that's the only thing that wants to come out for a title! After an exhausting day yesterday, I am very sleep deprived! The concept of being a college student is very appealing right now! You know, the idea of "I need more sleep, I think I'm not going to go to class today!" I miss those days!

Anyways, I have to admit despite being a LOOOOONG and tiring day I still had fund except when a friend "A" had to mess with a few things and I had to set those things straight! With that out of the way, Saturday is always eventful since it's the first day of the work week, I have a family lunch to go to as well as a family dinner to attend.

Last night though it was my brother's 27th b-day and so we wanted to surprise him! The whole day I didn't communicate or talk to him except when it came down to going to the dinner! I saw him there and we gave him his b-day cards as if it was an usual event! What he didn't realize is what was going to happen next! After leaving the dinner we stalled him in the parking lot until one of his surprises arrived. A stretch Humvee drove into the parking lot at my grand ma's house and he wasn't sure what was going on till his wife pushed him towards the door! When he opened the door the limo was filled with his friends and the screamed "SURPRISE!" He was quite surprised and left my brother and I in the parking lot with all his things! A few friends were meeting up at the restaurant in order to surprise my brother again because he didn't know where the humvee was taking him! I arrived at the same time the Humvee got there due to my other brother's friend making us late! Once we got there he, my brother, went from being down and tiered, to happy and wide awake! He sat in the middle with one group of friends on one side and another group on the other side of the same table!

I had a good time but I just hope that some people, not mentioning any names but "A", would stay out of the way and not steal my phone to write messages! :p~ It would be nice if you just read the messages that proved your point of me having a 6th sense and not having you send messages that confuse people and mess situations up! You should know this by now if you claim you read my blog, especially when I wrote about non-verbal communication!

Anyways... I think this is enough so I'm gonna go for now and if anything happens today that's worth talking about I'll add it on later tonight! God I need a pillow!
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