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Wednesday, June 01, 2005
Bad Timing and Organization
Today a group of co-workers put together a document that had a few suggestions concerning work and they wanted to present that document to the department manager! A few of us read, agreed, and signed the document but when we went to hand the document over to the manager and discuss it, it was too late! The manager left his office before we got there! I told the co-workers we should go early but they didn't listen!

Another timing issue that kinda bothers me is when people say that they are going to meet up at a specific time and end up not to! To be honest it gets on my nerves when I'm late and it sometimes pisses me off when others are late! I have only one problem today though and that's the fact that I'm mad at the person but can't help calm myself down! With anyone else I would probably blow up or decide not to meet and do other things! I usually don't wait more than 15 minutes for someone to meet up! Good friends might have about a half hour and if they are lucky then we would still meet up but at other times I won't meet up till the next day!

All I'm trying to say is that when someone says that they will meet up at a specific time then that should be accomplished! If the person cannot make the specified time then a phone call would do nicely just to inform me that the person is going to be late! Is that soo hard?
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  • At June 02, 2005 12:18 AM, Blogger nibaq said…

    I agree, if you can't make it on time a phone call helps and even if you are on time just to state you are on the way.

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