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Saturday, June 04, 2005
Kuwait VS. Saudi Arabia

Kuwait played like a group of children! No communication, ill mannered, cocky, and shall I go on...? The only player worth praising was our goal keeper! I have to admit, at first I thought the Saudi Arabians were merely acting by falling over and the ref was being too harsh but then I saw the way the Kuwaiti players tackled the Saudi's and tugged on their shirts and I told myself, "Our team deserves to be carded and the players who left deserved to be kicked out!" Granted I still don't know why the second player was red carded!

The problem with our soccer system is that we have lousy recruiters. I've seen kids play in the street that have better skills at soccer than the players on our team! Another thing is that there's no incentive to be on the team and it's probably very political once you get into the team! I wonder if those kids actually join the team but end up hating to play with the team due to lousy coaching or something of that nature.

Finally I want to point out my main reason as to why our team is soo shitty and that reason is due to the team not playing from the heart! The players just play because they get paid to play. Back in the day when my dad used to play soccer he mentioned that they didn't care what they were paid. All they cared about was to do their best and increase the nation's status as a country that has a great sporting system! Now you can tell that people play to get paid without putting any heart or genuine effort to win. PLUS, you can tell when a game is rigged by either the teams themselves or by the refs. They didn't do that back in the day! Don't get me wrong, last night's game wasn't rigged at all! The refs did their job but we failed to do ours!
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