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Saturday, June 11, 2005
Overdue Post
I usually tend to post something on a daily basis but Wednesday, after work, I got home and found my laptop "DEAD"! The OS (operating System) could not be found and if you restarted the computer the OS would seem to be loading but you would not be able to actually get in! When I took the Laptop to the dealer to get it looked at, the technition told me that the issue might be that the HD (Hard Drive) is messed up! That scared me since the My Documents folder is about 30GB! He asked if I wanted anything backed up and I said "YES!" So he told me that it wasn't a big deal and that he would put what I wanted on a CD! Then I told him about the 30GB of data that I would like to keep and he was amazed! I know most of you are saying that I should have backed up my info! Trust me I was, I got a new "toy" which was an external HD so I can put all those files in and not worry about them but when I came home to do the transfer my computer was fried! The technition also told me that if they have to order a new HD then it will take 3 weeks! Good thing I bought the "Extended Warranty" with the Laptop!
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