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Sunday, June 12, 2005
!!! WISH LIST !!!
Just a few things I would like to have! Seems like many people are putting up their wish lists so I decided to put mine up even though it might be far-fetched for me to get some of these items! I hope you enjoy the pics though as much as I do! :P


Below are some of the pets I lived with while studying in the US! I would love to have pets again especially an American Bulldog (the big dog with the 2 pics below)!

Kayla and Oliver
Charlie 2


I really want this roadster! There are only 66 Alpina RLE's in the world! This vehicle was based upon the BMW Z1 roadster but it has a little more horsepower! Granted I would prefer a different color I won't say no to red though!

Alpina RLE 1
Alpina RLE 2

This is what I want for my next car! A BMW X5 4.8is Individual Maritime Edition! The only difference is that I want to get the 2006 model that has the longer look with the extra row of seats!

X5 Maritime Edition
X5 Maritime Edition 2


Below is the "Wally Tender!" I'd love this little speed boat! Just looking at it makes me drool!

Wally Tender 1
Wally Tender 2

Now the item I really dream of!! The "Wally 118" which in my point of view is the best yacht in the world! I don't think anything can get more luxurious than this!

Wally 118
Wally 118 2
Wally 118 3
Wally 118 4
Wally 118 5
Wally 118 6
Wally 118 7
Wally 118 8
Wally 118 9
Wally 118 10
Wally 118 11
Wally 118 12
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