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Thursday, October 20, 2005
Tagged Once Again
This time the tag was from Unknown Entity! Here goes!

Name Five Things:

In Your Fridge:
1) condiments
2) White Toast
3) Soda
4) Desert (cakes, chocolate pudding,...)
5) dairy products

In Your Freezer:
1) Ice Trays
2) Ice pack for muscle aches
3) Ice Cream
4) Bread
5) My grand mom's secret mixture for her special scrambled eggs! (JC knows what I mean!) ;o)

In Your Medicine Cabinet:
1) I too don't have one!

Under your Kitchen Sink:
1) Trash can
2) Filter
3) Detol
4) Rags
5) Air freshener

Near your Computer:
1) Recordable CDs
2) 3 Remote controls (TV, DVD, and Stereo)
3) Cell Phone
4) Tissue
5) Book called, "The Globe Illustrated! Shakespeare, The Complete Works Annotated!"

Those who are tagged are how convenient the 5 mandate members! :oP
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