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Wednesday, September 14, 2005
Fun and Computer Issues!
This place has changed! It has grown big time! The school has bought most of the available property around it and has evolved into a city by itself! Anyways, I've rented a car and I have been driving around town taking pics here and there and meeting with friends and professors!

I am currently in this AMAZING coffee shop called The Artful Dodger and it's bringing a lot of memories back! I don't think today is my day cause while trying to reply to comments the connection has been on and off! I haven't had a good 30 minutes with a solid connection! Another thing that happened was that I was burning a CD using iTunes and the $hi&&y program crashed on me! The reason I call it $hi&&y is because when it crashed I can no longer see my DVD writer's icon and I can't access and CD/DVD I put into the drive! If you know how to solve this issue please tell me! I need to burn a few CDs for a friend plus I need my DVD player! :o(

Other than this issue, my vacation is great!

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