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Saturday, October 22, 2005
Weekend Round Up
This weekend was great! I got to hang out with friends and socialize! Wednesday night was the only day that ended up being boring! I was invited to a samra and it was cancelled!

As for Thursday, well, I had a few friends over (and they know who they are) for dinner and it turned out quite well! 25-30 people were invited, 18 confirmed but only 13 showed up! The night was more intimate with a smaller group and we had more fun! Thanks for those who contributed to what was offered for food and beverages! You didn't have to do that but thanks anyways! A special thank you goes out to "D" for actually making it out to the dinner! ;o*

Friday, Nibaq and I went to Souq Al-Yim3a (Friday market) and walked around! The weather was amazing for an afternoon walk! We snapped a few pics and talked about the products that were available! After the market, I was dropped at home and loaded up my car to head towards JC's house! I had fu6oor with JC and we chilled at his place till I had to leave and go home! I got a call from my friend who wanted to come over to my place so I told him I'll see him there! I got to my place watched half a movie with him and then he said he had to take off!

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