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Saturday, July 09, 2005
I'm Back People!
Yes, after a 1 week absence I'm back to Kuwait and the blogging world! Last week I was on a business trip to Saudi and if you guys wanna know how it went, then you should comment on this posting! If I have enough comments saying "yes" then I will post about what happened! Other than that I know some of you would ask, "Why didn't you blog when you were there?" Well that's because the hotel didn't offer internet with their rooms and if you wanted to connect to the internet you'd have to use a Dial-Up connection and pay for every minutes!

I just have to say that I miss the world of blogging and I was quite surprised to read some of the things that occurred while I was gone! Especially that blogging was in the newspapers and all! I'm also shocked at to seeing *@@* Nooni leave!

I hope everyone is ready for quizzes now that I'm back! :oP

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