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Saturday, October 29, 2005
Friday was a killer! Shady and I decided to go to the Friday Market! Yes, the Stallion has gone to the market every week for 3 weeks now! :oP We walked around the market and saw some crazy things and random gadgets! I've seen more today than the time I went with JCand Nibaq! Shady took plenty of pics and once we were done we decided to walk to the mini malls close to the market! The things we saw were, lets put it this way, "different"! Shady pointed out that people needed a better way of designing their little strip malls and their stores like the "Dream Mall" on 4th Ring Road! We then went to Safat Al-Ghanim but it was closed!

Once we were done with this side of Kuwait we went Downtown! We walked around Downtown Kuwait from Sal7iya to the intersection at the Muthana Complex! After walking up and down that stretch of road, we went to meet Amunki and Mama Fusla who were kiting on the beach! After about 20 minutes later we headed out to Johnny Rockets to break our fast! MMMM YUMMY!

After Johnny Rockets we walked to The Sultan Center and purchased some things and after that we sat down at Cafe Supreme where Nibaq and Tooomz met up with us! Toomz left and so Nibaq, Shady and I walked to Fanar and walked around the mall then we crossed the street and entered Eureka! Walked in there for a while then we went to the complex right next to it (I think it's called Shaha complex but I'm not quite sure!) Once we went in to each Ghetto store, 2 sport stores, and 2 stores that make custom clothing we left and walked all the way to Marina Mall! We hung out there with Rampurple, Toomz, Caffeinated and 2 friends! We had a FUN TIME at Marina before Shady and I made the trek and walked back to the car that was parked by Johnny Rockets! Friday was a day filled with walking and lots of interesting comments, items, and people!

So shady, do you wanna do all this again? :oP

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